Interior & Exterior Boat Detailing Service Austin

Treating Your Boat to a Well-Deserved Detailing Job


Owning a boat is no joke. Like any other major investments you might have, it is important that you preserve it well so that its value will be maintained. There are various environmental factors which could hasten the wear and tear on your boat’s different parts, even if those are tough like fiberglass, vinyl and even metal. 

There are numerous ways on how you could work on this. Getting rid of corrosion, polishing metal surfaces, wiping and sealing Isinglass to prevent yellowing and maintain its clarity and adding gel coats will definitely protect your vessel from future damage.

It’s not easy to do this on your own, especially if you’ve got other things to do. But here are some services which you should think of getting:

Express Detailing

Aside from the overall wash and hand-drying of the boat’s exterior, we also polish it with wax and cleaner, making use of the best power buffer for fiberglass.

Full Service Detailing

The basic complete wash and hand-drying of the boat’s exterior is included in this service, aside from fiberglass surfaces, we also do vinyl, non-skid, metal and even glass (windows). Polishing using the best power buffer will follow.

After that, we clean all compartments above deck, do window and UV vinyl treatments, canvas and helm cleaning and metal shine. We have also thrown in treatment of scum line – because your boat needs it.


This involves the removal of medium or heavy oxidation (rusting) from your vessel’s gel coat, often seen in old and rarely maintained boats.

Metal Cleaning and Polishing

This helps not just in protecting the metal linings (stainless, aluminum and/or chrome), it also gets rid of rust and brightens it perfectly.

Vinyl Cleaning and Dressing

Vinyl tends to look old especially when it’s left to be moldy, greasy, stained and rusty. It also dries out very easily under the sun. Aside from getting rid of those imperfections, we add a layer of UV protective dressing.

Isinglass Cleaning and Polishing

Isinglass, plexiglass windows and other glasses will be cleaned, the yellowing on it removed.

We will take care of you, call us today for pricing!